Thursday, July 14, 2005

Nomination Abomination

The Emmy nominations were announced today. (For the official press releast from the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences click here.) I swear, I will never understand the voters' continuing love affair with "Will & Grace." It's well past its prime. W&G relies on stunt guest stars ad nauseum. The characters increasingly have become caricatures of themselves.

Contrast this with the brilliant, and perenially ignored, "Gilmore Girls." Is there smarter, more engaging dialogue, story, and acting on TV? If so, I haven't seen it. Yet, Lauren Graham walks away empty-handed again this year. I understand that GG is on The WB and that it's not a traditional comedy, but have the voters just not bothered to watch? Emmy voters, you are called out on this one: it's a travesty.

Now, I understand there's a bit of a disconnect here in my rant, because W&G's Debra Messing wasn't nominated either, so it's not like the lamentably over-nominated W&G kept Ms. Graham from claiming a spot among the elect. That distinction belongs to . . .

The other nomination champion: Desperate Housewives. Three of the housewives (Terri Hatcher, Macia Cross, and Felicity Huffman) scored noms in the Lead Actress in a Comedy Series category. Now, I loves me my housewives, so I'm not about to bitch about this. In fact, I was saddened that the voters dissed Nicolette Sheridan in the supporting category and I'm not at all sure that Eva Longoria didn't deserve to be included among the nominees as much as, if not more than, her co-stars.

The upshot is, I understand it was a tough year for everyone to break into the leading actress category for the comedies; nevertheless, the complete absence of a single nomination for GG is an abomination.


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