Monday, August 29, 2005


SPOILER WARNING: If you haven't yet seen the season finale of The 4400 and you want to avoid spoilers and/or any teasers for next season (is there going to be a next season?), read no further.

The 4400's season finale was fairly entertaining. I'm not sold on some of the developments. Kyle's decision to come clean and Tom's support doesn't really work as far as I'm concerned.

I don't know what to make of the exploding ball of light that Shawn pulled out of Kyle.

I was less than convinced by the standoff between Tom and Ryland. Tom mentions "Firewall" and Ryland backs down, only to be arrested the next day (or so). Seems to me Ryland may have just ordered the safe house to be stormed when he knew he'd been found out by Tom and Diana.

Nonetheless, I'm intrigued by the second (and altogether different) use of an epilogue in a finale this season. I've previously written about the Six Feet Under epilogue. It was meant to bring some closure. Clearly, the montage of scenes at the end of last night's episode of The 4400 had the opposite goal in mind. It set up a number of new and head-scratch-worthy new directions. (See here for exec producer Steve Behr's comments on the epilogue.)

Richard seems to be developing a new telekenetic skill. Maybe the promicin shots did more than cure the 4400. The promicin may have created new talents in some of them.

Isabelle's overnight growth spurt deepens the mystery surrounding her and adds another level of hubba-hubba factor to the show (though it's a little bit creepy to think she was a toddler yesterday and a naked woman today).

Richard, Lily, and big-girl Isabelle have some serious dysfunctional family dynamics ahead of them, I'd guess.

We would expect no less than an apocalyptic warning from Maia; the war is just beginning. But, who knows, maybe she just disapproves of Mommy kissing Marco.

And why is creepy "father of 4400 technology" Burkhoff injecting himself with the promicin?

Finally, Jordan Collier is alive? Interesting. Still . . . get thee to a barber, Jordan.


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