Monday, September 26, 2005

Larry David: Clearly Not a Father of a 4 Year Old

Last night's season premiere of Curb Your Enthusiasm included a running gag about whether one should pick up the phone when engaged in conjugal activities.

Clearly Larry David doesn't live with a 4 year old. Setting aside the notion of when parents of preschoolers find time for intimacy (Hint: usually not at times when the phone is likely to ring), answering the phone quickly falls outside the job description of such parents. Having a 4 year old is like having your own little (completely unreliable) answering service.

I'm certain Wasteland Kid would have picked up the phone and would be asking -- in an inappropriately suspicious voice -- "Who are you?" long before one of us could roll over and pick up the phone.

(I know, Amanda Sue. TMI.)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

he-he-he. -ASP appreciates, having spoken to said four-year-old on the phone and actually believing he might relay a message effectively. And then thinking, "What am I thinking????? He is four!"

11:19 AM  

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