Friday, October 07, 2005

Fullmoon: Let's Talk Lost! (UPDATED)

So, two stellar episodes of Lost have come and gone during my self-imposed blogging hiatus.

Loved 'em! Let's see . . . Can I summarize how much I love Lost this season? It's "honey-will-you-sleep-in-the-wet-spot" good, that's how good this show is.

A few random observations/questions:

  • If you haven't visited Dharma Industries yet, you should. Not much there, but still.
  • Same goes for the Hanso Foundation webpage.
  • Sayid is the MacGuyver of the island, no? Soon he'll be building a nuclear warhead from coconuts and polar bear feces.
  • Lots of faith/science stuff still floating around
  • Jack: hero, anti-hero, or villain?
  • Ana Lucia . . . good, bad, or just plain badass?
  • How cool was the training video? I love that the really crucial stuff was damaged or spliced out.
  • Electromagnatic qualities, polar bears, and sentient homocidal black smoke. What doesn't the island have to offer?

What's been your favorite little tidbit of the last couple of episodes?

UPDATE: Via 815 (which is a great, and usually hilarious, source of Lost minutia) I point you to the following:

  • There's a blind link at the bottom of the Hanso Foundation website's Active Projects list. Click on it to see the training film that Locke and Jack watched.
  • Britain's Channel 4 has a great flash site filled with little hints and tidbits here.


Anonymous fullmoon said...

Here is what is on my mind:

1. One of my favorite tidbits, I should be embarrassed to say, (Trailhead will laugh at this one) is the fact that Sawyer is so politically incorrect. Quote (more or less): "When Shaft comes back I am going to give him a great big howdy-doody" (brandishing a gun that had been hidden in the back of his pants and referring to a large African American guy that put him in the hole).

2. What does the flight number 815 mean? Does it have a hidden meaning such as 108?

3. What about Desmond? Where did he go? What will he do once he realizes that a)Jack hit the execute button in time or b)maybe the button wasn't pushed and that means that he has been a pawn in this project from the beginning.

4. What about Walt?

5. Why was Hurley going to let Locke enter the wrong last number in the sequence into the computer? I don't really understand why he seems to FEAR his lottery numbers. ("The numbers are bad!") I still haven't seen a few episodes about 3/4 of the way through season one so I could have missed some obvious issues.

6. Jin can speak English?

7. Has Kate eaten the candy bars and if so, will anything happen to her?

8. Is Danielle, the French woman, a part of the Dharma project?

9. Isn't it cool that Locke's girlfriend is Peg Bundy?

10. Now that Desmond left the hatch (and the fact that the hatch has been opened)--thus no more quarantine--is there some deadly disease lurking around in the jungle? Or is that just another "psychological experiment"?

You know where I will be on Wednesday at 9:00 pm!

12:40 PM  

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