Thursday, July 14, 2005

Michael Ausiello, Your Ass Must Be Chapped

I want to put a plug in for my favorite weekly TV column, Ask Ausiello, written by TV Guide reporter Michael Ausiello. Well . . . it deals with TV some of the time. Then, sometimes, it's about acronym contests, smurfs, diet raspberry snapple iced tea, alternating obsessions with Mariska Hargitay and Keri Russel, and Mr. Ausiello's cuteness and coolness factors.

Nonetheless, it's witty, fun, and well worth your reading every Wednesday.

(NOTE: Of course, the timing of this post is a bit unfortunate, because Ask Ausiello is going on hiatus for two weeks while Mr. Ausiello covers the annual television press tour. But, never fear, in the absence of AA for two weeks, check out Ausiello's Press Tour Diaries on TV Guide Online over the next couple of weeks. If they're anything like last year's, it'll be well worth your read. Hilarious.)


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