Sunday, October 09, 2005

Karmic Hilarity

Wasteland Spouse and I caught two replayed episodes of My Name is Earl last night on NBC. Four words: Hill. Air. Ye. Us.

You know a show is a potential classic if it can pull of a stupid carrot-smoking gag with a straight face . . . and make it funny!

Earl Hickey is a treasure chest of a character. The karma cleansing hook is great and can be sustained for quite some time (especially if Earl has to keep adding more wrongs to his list with each one he rights).

The revelation in this show, though, is Jaime Pressly as Joy, Earl's bottle-blonde, redneck, former beauty queen ex-wife who lives with her collection of children and the dim witted -- but lovable -- Darnell in a rented 1972 trailer with a documented carbon monoxide leak. Joy is a great character and Pressly fits her like a glove. My favorite line came after Joy informed Earl that she'd pawned his heirloom cuckoo clock and, in response to Earl's shocked reaction, said, "What, you don't think cigarettes grow on trees?"

(P.S. Thanks, Fullmoon, for the nudge to watch the show!)


Anonymous fullmoon said...

This is my second favorite show this year. It is pure unadulterated fun. The characters are great, the lines are even better:

"Ain't no use runnin', fool! I know where your Mama parks your house!"

"If you snatch enough purses, you learn a few things about Mace"

I also love Earl's "let bygones be bygones" attitude. Although he found out that the child Joy was trying to pass off as his actually belonged to Darnell, Earl still greets him with a cheery, "Hey Crab-Man!" every time he runs into him. Cracks me up every time!

Anyone who wants to escape from their own life for a half hour and laugh out loud, should tune in.

1:26 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Gotta admit, it's pretty dern great. But, hey, Wasteland - what about the American version of The Office? Honestly, it has me laughing more than the British version. Did you happen catch last night's "fire" episode in which they all play "Desert Island" - a favorite game at my own workplace, especially when we're entertaining clients. . . classy, eh? -ASP

7:53 AM  

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