Saturday, September 17, 2005

Record Breaker

Suresh Joachim broke the Guiness world record for longest time spent watching TV this week. 69 hours, 48 minutes.

The rules stipulated that Suresh's eyes had to be glued to the screen except for a 5-minute break every hour and a 15-minute break every 8 hours. He watched only ABC shows for the entire 2 9/10 days. His viewing marathon was conducted in the lobby of WABC-TV in Manhattan. "Highlights" included: a couple of episodes of Tony Danza's talk show (yeah, I know, I figured it would have been canceled already too), Star Jones reminiscing about her wedding and reminding everyone she's a lawyer on The View, and hour upon hour of pre-dawn World News Now. Luckily for Suresh, WABC doesn't carry The Maury Show.

Just to clear up any potential confusion: I am not Suresh. Even Wasteland Fan has limits.


Blogger Trailhead said...

So not only did he watch TV, he watched really bad TV. I can't watch Star Jones do anything for more than ten seconds before I have to stop.

12:18 AM  

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