Monday, August 22, 2005


As in, "We've got to get . . . ."

Because I live in the Central Time Zone (more or less) the series finale of Six Feet Under aired from 8-9:15. That falls right during the bedtime routine for Wasteland Kid. So, we taped Six Feet Under.

Or so we thought.

We made it through the first 60 minutes (Claire was saying goodbye to David and Ruth), but the tape ran out and we didn't get to see the last 15 minutes. So, we have to wait for the replay tomorrow night to see the end, including the epilogue.

I have been asking to get TiVo or some alternate FauxVo for years. Perhaps Wasteland Spouse will agree now?

Doubt it. See, Wasteland Spouse adheres to the philosophy that watching TV is a shameful waste of time and should in no way be further enabled. Therefore, it should be somewhat painful to do, otherwise you might actually lose sight of what a slothful laggard you really are. Any "Vo" would be much too convenient. You might say that the VCR is our version of the hairshirt.

Well, I'll let you know my thoughts about the finale on Tuesday.


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Don't you have a birthday coming up?

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