Thursday, September 08, 2005

A Precious Decade

  1. Did you know that the WB's 7th Heaven will begin its 10th season in just over a week?
  2. Did you know that the WB's 7th Heaven was still on?
  3. Did you know that the WB had a 7th Heaven?
  4. Did you know there is a WB?
My answers are (1) no, (2) only on the most subconscious of levels, (3) [unfortunately] yes, and (4) of course, and don't let tripe like 7th Heaven or Blue Collar TV drive you away from some of the other good shows.

Back to 7th Heaven. Has there been a more precious show? That Camden family sure soldiers through their "rough" times and comes out smiling. Every stray dog, stray kid, and sour old fart of a parishioner from Rev. Camden's congregation comes out smellin' like roses after a few days with the Camden clan. Oh, I know they've had their problems in the past, with mom Annie's mid-life-ish crisis-type thing and some of the kids losing their way a bit. But how many times were the Camden parents just sure one of their kids was plotting a suicide mission at the local high school, dealing drugs, or engaging in promiscuous pre-marital sex only to find out that the kid was actually washing windows for a disabled elderly shut-in or helping a newfound friend escape his abusive father? It's more sweetness than this TV fan can stomach. (Can I get a "true dat," Trailhead Spouse?)

Now, don't give me crap about "family friendly" shows and 7th Heaven "needing" to be on
TV. You don't gotta be sappy and vapid to be family friendly. Ask those Gilmore Girls (at least in seasons 1-3).


Anonymous Bladerunner said...

Flicking thru the channels I cam across this unfortunate POS Show a few years back and about vomited. My sis-in-law used to torture me with it. Here is a scene I either recall or am just making up in my head that would fit the show. Too many drugs you know so I don't remember if it really happened. But it definitely fits the show.

Scene 1: Dinner table - Family having dinner with Dad at the head.
"Gee Dad! We would never have a party while you and Mom were away." Then somehow by no fault of the kids - the really GOOD kids - they would be roped in to having a party by their devilish friends! And then a scene of the party would show kids dancing and playing loud rock music! (though it would never be really LOUD like Metallica or ACDC). And there would even by cake and ice cream there! No way would beer or sex in the upstairs closet be even considered as a possibility on the show - might plant the seed you know.

Scene 2: Parents walk in early from vacation cuz they passed at the last minute because they gave all their money to the homeless kid that didn't have enough money for dinner although he is wearing Nike shoes - cuz the homeless aren't really that bad off you know according to the right wing white folks righting the scripts. Anyway, the parents walk in and are fuming mad...belt comes out and wack - oops thats the drugs talking again - flashback to my childhood. Anyway a long discussion about partying hard and cake and ice cream being the gateway desert to heroin.

Final Scene: Parents at night talking about their kids.

Mom: I'm really worried about them I mean they disobeyed us.
Dad: There really good kids though and they are grounded so will understand that the party was a bad decision. Now let's get it on.

I hate that show with a passion.

10:14 PM  

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