Friday, September 09, 2005

Reunion: Can Concept Save Poor Execution?

I caught the premiere of Reunion last night on Fox.

The acting was spotty. The dialogue was a bit obvious and way too expositional. But, the concept is so intriguing that I'm willing to stick around for the ride for a few years to see if the execution catches up.

(If you watched or know anything about the show, you'll know that when I say "years," I mean "episodes" of the show. Each episode represents a year in the life of 6 friends, starting with their high-school graduation.)

There was a bit of a hiccup in terms of legal procedure, but I'll let that slide. The bigger problem was that I just can't imagine asking a friend to take the fall for me in such a major way, like Craig did of Will. But, even more than that, what was Will thinking? I mean, I understand that Will felt guilty about his fling with Samantha and that he has an inferiority complex about Craig, but going to jail for his Brown-bound buddy is just nuts. And Craig's whiney story about the DWI ruining his future was just blatant overkill. Come on, it's not like he was headed for Harvard.

Tee, hee. Ivy League humor is such fun. After all, what's more hilarious than piling snobbery on snobbery?


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